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Free Tyre Safety Check

Free Tyre Safety Check

Free tyre safety check Your tyres have a major effect on the handling quality of your car, which has a direct impact on your safety. Your tyres must be in good condition, without deformation or tear, and with a good tread depth. We’re happy to carry out a free tyre check to diagnose early problems, check the safety and advise on the condition of your tyres.

To arrange your free tyre safety check, please call us or simply pop into the service centre.

Call: Mark or Rav.

Telephone: 01342 718878


Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

When the temperature sinks below 7°C your regular tyres start to lose their edge. Grip, steering and traction are all affected – the important stuff that keeps you safe.

But no snow, no problem? Unfortunately not. Our good old British rain and everyday winter temperatures affect your tyres performance. From  October, the thermometer starts to dip under the 7°C mark, and usually averages well below through the nect five months, November to March*. Which means that for almost half of the year, winter tyres will keep you and your family safer. Whatever the sub-7°C weather brings.

*Based on Met Office data since 1910.

If you would further information or a quote please contact:

Mark or Matthew on:

Telephone: 01342 718799


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